The Transport of Ore

by Cor de Rijke


The photos on this page show a loaded train of ore on the transhipment company EMO on the Maasvlakte. It’s a so called 4800 tons train with automatic coupling. For tractive power three 6400 locomotives are used. The photos were taken during a Saturday shift in april 1998.

Photos above en beneath: EMO, Rotterdam Maasvlakte.

Photo above: On the way from the EMO to the railway-yard Maasvlakte. Because of the curve you always have a good sight  on your own train... On the background the Deltaterminal of ECT.

Photo's above: On the way on the Rotterdam Harbour Railway to the Kijfhoek; at this point we are off the Rail Service Center  (RSC)  at Rotterdam Waalhaven...

Photo above: After arriving at Kijfhoek I had to pose for the photographer (Jeroen de Rijke).

Photo above: After finishing my shift on the 1214…